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At Reality Shift Games we strive to provide a tournament experience that players look forward to: good prizes, a friendly, comfortable environment, with a helpful and welcoming staff. With these ideals in mind, we have decided to start running our own Tournament Series consisting of 12 monthly tournaments culminating with an Invitational at the end of the year!

The series will alternate from month-to-month between the Modern and Standard formats. Each tournament will follow the payout structure of our previous Win A Case tournaments, with a case of the current set being given out for prizes at 20+ players (prizes will scale down if there are less than 20). The tournaments will have a $25 entry fee and planned to double as either a GPT or a pPTQ, meaning a planeswalker point modifier and a chance for either GP byes or an invite to the next RPTQ! All series events will be held at Competitive REL, with appropriate level judges on staff (Level 1 for most events, and Level 2 if it's for a pPTQ).

We have a pretty nice piece of art to be used for the series, to be featured on Playmats for Top 8 for each month, and a Champion Mat for first place!

Download a decklist sheet by clicking here.

The Invitational will take place at the end of the year and will feature the 12 monthly winners, plus the top 4 RSG Series points earners.

How do you earn RSG Series points?  By playing in events!

To get the most points at once, the Monthly Tournaments are your best bet, the Monthly Tournament Points structure is as follows

First place:  Invitation
Second Place:  
10 Series points
Third/Fourth Place:  
8 Series points each
Fifth -Eighth:  
6 Series points each

At 31+ Players
Ninth-Sixteenth: 3 Series points each

Every person that participates in our tournament will also get 1 Series point.

You can also earn points by competing in Reality Shift Games weekly in-store events, such as Tuesday Night Modern, Wednesday Night Draft, Friday Night Magic, or Saturday Win A Boxes!

For each event that you get 3 wins or better in the swiss rounds you will get 2 Series points!!!

December we will hold our Invitational. Every person that won a monthly series tournament will be invited as well as the top 4 point earners that did not win an invite for a total of 16 players. The tournament will be split format, Modern and Standard.

Guaranteed Prize Payout for the Invitational

First Place: $1000
Second Place: $500
Third/Fourth: $250
Fifth-Eighth: $125

Plus all Invitational participants will receive a special Invitation Playmat!

The first monthly Series Tournament will be on January 10th with a Modern GPT for Detroit. This means that First place will get 2 Byes to Detroit, an Invitation to our Invitational at the end of the year, our series champion mat and pack prizes!   

The second will be on, February 14th will be a Standard  Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier.  

The third, March 13th will be Modern Grand Prix Trial for Albuquerque.


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