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07/18/2015: Modern PPTQ Decklists

Thanks to everyone who came out to our very first PPTQ! 50 players battled throughout the day until 1 winner emerged. Congrats to Sam Feeley on piloting Naya Burn to the top!


1st Place: Naya Burn piloted by Sam Feeley - list
2nd Place: UG Infect piloted by Tim Madsen - list
3rd Place: Abzan piloted by Yinan Zhang - list
4th Place: Coco Twin piloted by Alex Phillips - list
5th Place: UR Twin piloted by Curtis Doiron - list
6th Place: Merfolk piloted by Kevin Fong - list
7th Place: Grixis Control piloted by Tristan Owens - list
8th Place: Abzan Company piloted by William Moore - list

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